F.A.Q. s




Q: How long does it take to process an order, and when can i expect to receive it.

A: See Below

UPS Ground shipping from California can take 3 to 5 business days total to arrive.

Orders shipped to a P.O. Box will go through USPS. and can take 3 to 5 business days total to arrive.

All orders placed over the weekend will be shipped on Monday afternoon, unless a Monday is a Holiday, then on Tuesday.

For domestic shipping, the cut off time is Monday through Friday, 2:00 PM (PST)

Orders placed after the cutoff time, the ship time cannot be guaranteed. 

Orders are shipped the next business day when received after 2:00 PM (PST)

If you order on a Thursday and you order after 2pm PST, then you order will go out on Friday.

If you order with expedited shipping, ex: 2 Day Air on a Thursday after 2pm PST cut off your order will ship Friday afternoon.

UPS dos not deliver our packages for 2 Day Air or any day on Saturday or Sunday. Deliveries are on Business days only.

If you order 2 Day Air on a Thursday night after 2pm, you will not see your order until Tuesday. Sorry for UPS delay, it's just how it is.

Order 2 Day Air on a Wednesday before 2pm PST if you want your package by Friday.

Q: Does your Fake Pee contain Uric Acid and Urea? 

A: Yes, all of the brands we carry do contain uric acid and urea.

Q: I just bought this Fake Pee product, how long does it last unopened.

A: All unopened boxes will last two + years, if kept in average room temperture conditions. 

Q: How long does it last once it been opened and been exposed to air.

A: You have approx two weeks to use it if kept in normal temparature conditions, up to four weeks if kept in fridge.

Q: I just bought an Agent-X synthetic refill, how much water do I mix the powder solution with?

A: One vial of Agent-X sythethic refill is to be mixed with 3 oz. of water.


Q: Is Agent-X still ok if I have heated it once? Am I able to reheat it, and use a new heat pack?

A: Yes - Agent-X is still good if previously heated once, and can be reheated a few times.