Agent-X Premixed

Instead of generating the urine naturally in the human body, Dr. Greens has perfected a means of creating synthetic, sterile urine in a laboratory environment. This laboratory process results in a cleaner, fresher urine that is toxin free and balanced for pH, specific gravity, creatine, and several other urine characteristics. Dr. Greens Synthetic Urine is a quick fix to using urine created by the human body, yet has the look and feel of real urine.

A popular use for Dr. Greens Synthetic Urine is by the fetish community. Dr. Greens Synthetic Urine is used instead of regular urine because of health concerns. Regular urine contains impurities, Dr. Greens Synthetic, Sterile Urine has the look of regular urine and provides a healthy way to play in your private sex life and a quick fix to using real urine.

Instead of using expensive urine controls, Dr. Greens Synthetic Urine provides a non toxic testing medium that mimics the characteristics of normal human urine. This lab produced synthetic urine can also be used for the calibration of urine testing equipment. Unlike natural urine Dr. Greens Synthetic Urine can be heated up unlimited times.

Dr. Greens Agent-X Premixed

Dr. Greens Agent-X Premixed

DR. GREENS AGENT X PREMIXEDThis product is a Novelty / Fetish Item.This product cannot be shipped or..

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